Janet’s career began as an actress working in commercials and industrial films. She then was a talent agent for eight years and a casting director for ten. She was the Pound in Pound & Mooney Casting and along with her partner did the Michigan principle casting for over thirty movies, music videos, and commercials. Some credits include; Gran Torino, Red Dawn and Batman vs Superman. She worked for George Clooney, Drew Barrymore, Ryan Gosling, Clint Eastwood and Eminem. As an actress, Janet appeared in commercials, industrial films and several movies. As a writer, her plays have been performed in Detroit, Chicago, Palm Springs and New York and are included in several scene study and monologue books. Her drama short Home Again  (password: homeagain) won The Trinity International Film Festivals best Artist Award which she wrote, directed, and coproduced. Elida’s Familia and Lies in the River are her full length screenplays and are currently being shopped in LA.  Her most recent work is Katrine’s Last Words. It’s a comedy short she wrote and directed.