Tinisha Brugnone is an award-winning  Director/Producer/Screenwriter from Detroit, Michigan. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in "Media Arts and Studies" from Wayne State University with a concentration in Production.

While a student at Wayne State University, she joined The Michigan Creative Film Alliance (The MiCFA), a collaborative effort between students and alumni of Wayne State University, the University of Michigan and, Michigan State University. 

Through the MiCFA, she held key production positions that gave her a more immersive experience above and beyond what average “film students” experience.

During her first production with The MiCFA, she served as Co-Producer and Unit Production Manager on the short film "Beauty Queen". Later that year "Beauty Queen" went on to win a Bronze Award at The Blue Water Film Festival (2012) and a Bronze Plaque Award at the Columbia International Film Festival (2012).

Her second production with the MiCFA, the short film “Downriver”, won a total of six awards including the Silver Award at the Blue Water Film Festival (2013) and Best Cinematography at the prestigious Uptown Film Festival (2013).

Upon graduation from Wayne State University, Ms. Brugnone began focusing on writing and storytelling. In late 2015 her screenplay “Top Shelf” was chosen out of 150 applicants, to be one of 12 screenplays included in the Inaugural "Detroit Sundance Writing Intensive Workshop” under the instruction of filmmaker Joan Tewkesbury.

Tinisha is currently producing her hit YouTube web-series "Candidly Speaking", an unscripted cooking/talk show based on real life extraordinary people living in her hometown of Detroit.